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PODCAST | 003 // 3 habits that will change your life

Description These are three habits that changed my life. All three of them made me happier, more productive and because of that, I’m achieving so much more each day!Blog: mindofneha.comInsta: @mindofneha | page: The Own Your Life Podcast | Transcription So when I first started going to college, I was a […]

Personal growth

PODCAST | 002 // How to set goals you will actually achieve

Description In this podcast I’ll be discussing how to set SMART goals you will actually achieve. Blog: mindofneha.comInsta: @mindofneha | page: The Own Your Life Podcast | Transcription The last 10 months have been pretty crazy, full of emotions and anxiety, but I’m sure we can still make the most of the […]

What I want to accomplish in my 22's
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What I Want To Achieve In My 22’s

I recently “celebrated” my birthday. Because of the corona-crisis, I couldn’t really invite many people. My boyfriend and his sister came over, but in the Netherlands, you cannot invite more than 3 people over. Anyways, I turned 22 this year! And I set some goals I want to achieve. Don’t […]