Goals: Blogging

Goals: Blogging in June 2019

Since it’s almost summer break I’m going to have a lot of time to work on my blogging goals. I’m VERY determined to make this new blog a success. A very important step in making any successful business plan is setting SMART goals. I dedicated the first month to creating a domain, making it safe (SSL certificate), picking a theme and customizing my blog. Now that that is done, I can start working on the following goals.

Traffic goals

Making a lot of money is a common goal set by a lot of new bloggers, But it is not the right way to get started. The first month I will be focussing on gaining traffic. I will take some time to look for affiliates en sponsors but I won’t monetize my blog a 100%. 

Traffic goals: 

  • Gain 100 Pinterest followers and 20k monthly impressions
  • Figure out how to use Tailwind to it’s full potential
  • Get 2.500 pageviews
  • Gain 10 newsletter subscribers
  • Write 12 blog posts
  • Make an email course
  • Make at least $100

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pin this!

Finding sponsors and affiliates

  • Find sponsors and save links
  • Find affiliates and save the links

Time management goals

This one is more personal. Because creating content takes a lot of effort, I have to properly manage my time. This is not just for my blog but for my (mental) health too.

  • Wake up at (or before) 07.30 AM┬á
  • Treat blogging like a fulltime job
  • Post stories on Instagram every day
  • Pin and repin everyday
  • Make to-do list every day

I’m currently using Trello to manage my blog and I love it! I also use an agenda on the side to plan my personal life and college of course. 

I post new traffic and income reports about my blog each month. You’ll get notifications and exclusive updates if you subscribe to the newsletter. I hope to inspire you!

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