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3 Ways To Stop Slacking Off And Make Dreams Come True

In 2019 I made a bunch of new years resolutions. Needless to say, I started slacking off and failed nearly all of them almost immediately. Mainly because of my ADD and lack of dopamine, but I can’t really use that as an excuse anymore. I always use the same excuse. These are some of the things I do to help me stay on track and motivated to reach my goals.

Why are you slacking off?


Procrastination is the act of unnecessarily postponing actions or decisions. We often procrastinate because of…

  • fear of failure
  • anxiety
  • resistance (lots of work to do, large tasks are intimidating)
  • self-sabotaging behavior

Read more on why we procrastinate and how to stop in this awesome YouTube video.

“Too busy”

Why work hard if you can work smart? Working hard means putting more into one day while working smart is all about simplifying your tasks and working more effectively.

Sometimes we feel busy even though we’re subconciously wasting small bits of time on our phones or watching YouTube video’s like I always do. These distractions can make us feel busy, but in reality we’re just not being productive. Setting a timer to focus one specific task for a period of time can be helpful in preventing you from getting distracted and feeling too busy and stressed.

Self-sabotaging behavior

Self-sabotaging behavior is behavior that holds us back from reaching our full potential and accomplishing our goals. We love the comfort and ease of short term satisfaction. self-sabotaging can have a number of causes:

  • You’re not confident in your abilities
  • You care too much for what others think
  • You’re anxious about stepping out of your comfort zone
  • You are “stuck” in a discouraging environment
  • You lack motivation or discipline
  • You are a perfectionist

How to stop self-sabotaging

For me, personally positive affirmations are very helpful for gaining confidence in my abilities and for dealing with a toxic environment.

A toxic environment can be caused by a mean boss at work, a discouring friend or partner or even an emotionally abusive relative that you live with. Remember that, as hard as it might be, you can always get out of these situations.

Being happy is crucial for you to be motivated to reach any goal. A symptom of depression is a lack of dopamine production. Dopamine is a hormone crucial for motivation and building discipline. Meditation can help increase dopamine production, help you focus on your goals and get things done.

Positive bunny is here to help you stop slacking

Caring too much for what people think can hold us back from being who we truly are and doing what we want to do. Personally I never tell others about my goals. Only show them my accomplishments. This way I avoid people reflecting their own insecurities upon me, getting discouraged and slacking.

If you haven’t read Marc Manson’s The Sutle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck, I HIGHLY recommend.

To reach your goals and step out of our comfort zone, you have to give up on short term satisfaction. short term satisfaction may make you happy for now, but you will come to regret it. Short term satisfaction is what makes slacking off so attractive. Take baby steps out of your comfort zone to gain confidence, conquer your fears and eventually accomplish whatever you want.

Set very specific goals

Not breaking your goals down and describing every aspect of them can cause decision fatigue, because you just don’t know where to start.

You have to set your goals the SMART way.

  1. Set one big goal
  2. Break it down into smaller goals. As small as possible!
  3. Make sure they are realistic and attainable
  4. Set deadlines for each tiny goal

The ultimate personal growth action plan (instant downloadable printable) in my Etsy shop could help you out.

Read the following blog post for more tips!


Sometimes starting is the most difficult thing to do. If you’re waiting for the right moment, the right moment is NOW. If you’re waiting for a sign, Here you go:


The 5-second rule

Mell Robbins (television host, writer, and motivational speaker) was facing bankruptcy. her life was falling apart. She couldn’t get out of bed and get herself to get things done. When Mell Robins saw a rocket launch from NASA on TV she came up with the idea to count down from 5 and launch herself out of bed like a rocket! For the first time in six months, she didn’t hit the snooze button.

The brain has a time window between making a decision and taking action. after making the decision to take action your brain will try and talk you out of it unless you get up and just do it.

Every time you make the decision to get something done and cross it off of your To-Do list, count down from five and just get started before you start slacking.

Set a timer

Set a timer to focus on just one specific task and nothing else. The Pomodoro technique works great for me. There are tons of apps you can download with a Pomodoro timer.

I use Forest. With the app forest, you plant a tree whenever you set the timer. During the timer counting down the tree will grow, but if you leave the app the tree will die.

Useful tools

A planner and a journal can help you stay on track. Write down your deadlines and keep reviewing your goals and reflecting upon yourself.

I used to bullet journal, but I stopped because it was so much setting it up! I now use the Passion Planner and it’s amazing. All setup and ready to go. It had pages to reflect on each month and empty space in the back to write down ideas. It works perfect for me!

And there you have it – 3 ways to stop slacking off and make your dreams come true. Now start getting things done!

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