What I want to accomplish in my 22's

What I Want To Achieve In My 22’s

I recently “celebrated” my birthday. Because of the corona-crisis, I couldn’t really invite many people. My boyfriend and his sister came over, but in the Netherlands, you cannot invite more than 3 people over. Anyways, I turned 22 this year! And I set some goals I want to achieve. Don’t get me wrong. What is happening in the world is terrible, but because of this global crisis, I do have a lot of time on my hands. My business classes are online and some of my subjects have been postponed till next year. That means more time to create blog posts, printables for my Etsy store and build a presence online.

Here are some of the things I want to work on this life-year.

Health & Fitness

I used to go to the gym when I still lived with my parents. The gym was only a 5-minute walk away and there were all these fun classes. I never found another gym like it near my apartment here in Amsterdam. The closest gym was half an hour away by (you guessed it) taking the public transfer. I got demotivated and stopped going to the gym completely. I didn’t accomplish any fitness related new years resolutions because of that.

I don’t have the healthiest eating habits either. Until last week I was basically eating an entire bag of chips a day. I know… Not good.

My goal is to build the habit of eating 3 healthy meals a day and go to the gym at least 3 or 4 times a week. I’m definitely not overweight, but I don’t have the tiny waist I used to have.

Personal life

I need a driver’s license. I need a car too. Ever since this corona crisis started I realized how convenient it is to own a car. The public transfer is now the place you will most likely get infected with the coronavirus. A car is a save way to get from A to B. I never liked the public transfer, to begin with

I want to travel at least once this year (as soon as this corona mess is over). I haven’t traveled in such a long time and I really want to explore new places. Most of the time when I travel I go on city trips, but lately, I’ve been wanting to go to mountainous areas and explore!

I live in a 20m2 apartment and it is starting to drive me crazy. The bathroom is small and the fan doesn’t do its justice. When I cook there just isn’t much space to work with. I’m trying to be minimalistic, but no matter how much stuff I have, it just looks full and messy. I cant invite my friends because I don’t even have space for a sofa and/or coffee table. I really need to move out.

Relationships and boundaries

I want to better my relationships with some people. My sister lives quite far away and I’d like to see her more (if only I had a car). And I’d love to explore more places and go on road trips with my partner (whenever this corona mess is over).

There are also some boundaries I’d like to set to keep toxicity out of my life. I have a pretty bad relationship with a direct relative. I’m constantly ridiculed and criticized for being forgetful and having a short attention span. Can you blame me for having ADD (attention deficit disorder)? I can’t do anything about being the way I am and every time I try to explain myself. I just get Interrupted and insulted even more. This relative doesn’t believe in my ADD the slightest bit and it is affecting me.

I made it a boundary only to visit when this relative promises not to insult or criticize me for things I can’t do anything about. If that doesn’t happen, I will leave instantly.

I wrote a blog post about toxic people once:

Personal finance

I need to save up for a lot of things…

In the Netherlands, students get a public transfer subscription for schooldays for about four years. The four years have almost come to an end and I don’t want to pay for the public transfer, as it is quite expensive here. I’m embarrassed to say it, but I’m in debt, student loan debt. It’s not a 100.000 euro’s or something, not even 25.000 euro’s, but I definitely don’t want to splurge on an expensive car. I’m setting aside 3500 euros for a car and 500 euro’s for a driver’s license. I’m getting a second-hand car.

Unless you want to live in a shoebox, finding affordable housing is hard in Amsterdam. I’ll probably live somewhere outside of Amsterdam. I’m setting aside 3000 euros to move out of my crappy apartment and into a proper one. This will probably happen somewhere between December 2020 and February 2021.

I used to have braces and my teeth are relatively straight, but I’m starting to get a gap in between my front teeth, so I might get Invisalign. Depending on how many sets of Invisalign I need, I could cost me at least 500 euros, but it could be as much as 960 euros.

And last but not least, an emergency fund. I cannot rely on my parents every time I mess up or an unexpected bill comes along. I’m setting aside 2000 euros as my emergency fund.

This is the order in which I’m saving these funds:

  1. Emergency fund (50%)
  2. Driver’s license
  3. Car
  4. Emergency fund (50%)
  5. Travel
  6. Moving out of my crappy apartment
  7. Invisalign (maybe)
  8. Debt

You might think it’s weird that my debt comes last, but here in the Netherlands, you have 10 years after college to pay off your debt without any interest piling up. I’m not in that much debt. Ten years is definitely more than enough to pay off my debt and to start being more independent.

But wait! Where do I get that money?!

I’ve made it a goal to make blogging into a career in the next 6 months. I want to have a stable income creating content and working from home.

I believe I can do it. I recently had my first sale in my Etsy shop. I only made 4 euros, but it was an exciting achievement! It motivated me to work harder and make more printables, email courses, and blog content.

achieve goals

Aja Dang’s YouTube channel has been very inspiring to me. Especially her monthly budgeting video’s. If you need some motivation and inspiration, I highly recommend you checking out her channel!

Hopefully, I’ll be able to make at least 2200 euros a month by the end of the next 6 months. During summer break I’ll also find a job to make me some extra money. I think I’ll be writing a life-update on these goals every single month until I have reached all of my goals.

Stick around to read more!

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