Quarterly goals

How to Set Achievable Quarterly Goals

The last couple of months have been pretty crazy. Heavy emotions and anxiety were present, but I’m sure we can still make the most of this summer. Even with this new lifestyle of social distancing.

In this blogpost we’ll be going over how to set achievable quarterly goals.

The status quo

Where are you in you life right now? What are the things you are greatful for? What are things you would like to change? What are things you want to consistently work on? Write them down in the following categories:

  • Mental health
  • Physical health
  • Personal Finance
  • Relationships
  • Planning, organization and consistency

Be very specific about the things you want to change and work on. Write down the reasons you don’t like these aspects of your life.

Mental health

Did you ever go to a therapist and get diagnosed with an illness? Are you taking any medications? Are they working for you? Are there other options or alternatives for your medications? Consult everything with your doctor!

(Discliamer: I’m not a medical professional and good habits could possibly not be the solutions to you mental health issues. Don’t experiment with different doses of prescribed medications without consulting your doctor first!)

What are bad habits that affect your mental health and how can you get rid of these habits?

Is there any trauma that you have dealth with in your past? Is this trauma still affecting you today and how? How can you learn and heal from it?

Do you have anyone in your life (a friend, a partner or a relative) that is abusing you in some way and how can you deal with their toxicity? Would it be better for you to cut them off? Maybe this blogpost could help you out:

Again, be very specific about how you want to change your current head-space. Try to write down your mood every day an reflect on it or make a mental health habit tracker. This could help you keep track of your progress.

Quarterly goals - mental health

Physical health

How much do you weigh? What is your BMI? You can likely do a BMI scan at your local gym. Is your goal about feeling better or looking better? If your goal is to look better, make sure you’re doing it for yourself and not because anyone else is telling you to lose or gain weight!

What is your body type? Do you want to gain or lose weight? How much weight do want to lose or gain? Are you drinking enough?

What workouts do you enjoy the most? What workouts work well for your body type? How many times a week do you want to work out? What diet works best for your body type?

Overestimating yourself while setting quarterly goals could lead to dissapointment. If you are just starting out with health and fitness, make sure to take it slow.

Personal finances

Setting quarterly goals regarding finances can be difficult. Your quarterly goals in this aspect of your life should be as specific and achievable as possible. Your finances are unpredictable and so they are hard to plan.

Saving a certain amount of money is the most achievable personal finance goal to set. Use the 50/30/20 rule to determine how much money you should save with your current income. Take yearly bills into account.

The goal “make more money” is too abstract. How will you make more money? How many hours a week do you work? How can you work smarter and not harder? what can you do now to make more money? Can you turn your hobby into a side hustle? How much extra time do you need to make extra money? How much money do you want to make at the end of this quarter? Again, try not to overestimate yourself when setting quarterly goals as finances can be unpredictable. This YouTube channel by Aja Dang has been very inspiring.


What relationships do you value the most and why? What relationships are not serving you anymore and why? Are there any people in your life that don’t respect your boundaries and how will you deal with them? Are there any people in your life that affect your mental health?

Do you have enough time to visit your loved ones? Are you putting enough effort into maintaining meaningful relationships? Are your loved ones a priority? How much time do you want to spend each week to work on these relationships?

Planning, organization and consistency

Without planning, organization and consistency, you won’t reach any of your goals. By setting SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timebound) goals, you increase your chances of getting things done and improving your life. In the following blogpost you can read how to stop slacking and start changing your life.

Join the quarterly goals community on Vibely

On a new app called Vibely creators can create communities and engage with their audience. I made a community called “The Quarterly Goal Setting Fam”. Feel free to join the community, share your goals and achievements and also accept challenges. In this community you can receive feedback, advice and encouragement to reach your goals. I already made a few new friends on Vibely and so can you!

That was it for this quarter. I really hope this blogpost was valueable to you and will help you take the first step on your journey of lifestyle improvement.

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